Cerec Inlays (Porcelain inlays)

Many patients wish to have tooth coloured fillings. This is usually achieved by using a tooth coloured plastic (composite resin). Unfortunately, if the filling is large, this material may not be strong or robust enough to guarantee a successful long term restoration.

The answer is a Cerec  Inlay. An inlay is a laboratory made filling in which an impression is taken of the filling cavity and the laboratory makes a precise restoration for the patient. This is then cemented permanently into the cavity by the dentist.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are like false fingernails that are bonded onto the front surface of the teeth. However each veneer is custom made for each tooth. Veneering allows us to change the colour, shape and to some extent the position of the tooth without the radical cutting of the tooth that is required for a crown.

Veneering requires two appointments. The first is to remove a thin layer of enamel from the surface of the tooth and to take an impression. The impression is sent to the dental technician who will fabricate the veneers. The second appointment is to check that the appearance is what is desired and to permanently cement the veneers.

Adelaide Dentalcare recommends the use of porcelain for veneers. Other materials are available but porcelain is strong and has good aesthetics. Porcelain veneers have proved to be extremely durable and we hope for a life in excess of ten years. For an appointment, please call (08) 82125976