Broken Teeth

Broken/ Cracked/ Chipped Teeth

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Located in the Adelaide CBD we are Adelaide’s choice for fixing and replacing broken teeth and tooths in Adelaide.

Adelaide Dentalcare pride themselves on their abilities to remove, replace and restore your broken teeth or tooth. The end result will be getting your smile back to normal. We have been helping patients for over 40 years in all facets of fixing broken teeth in Adelaide.

Broken teeth, chipped teeth and cracked teeth are something that we see all too often. Whether it was from sport over the weekends, chewing on something or even grinding and clashing your teeth together. It is becoming more and more evident that these mistakes are going to happen. This where Adelaide Dentalcare is here to help.

We have at all times spots and positions available for emergency dental appointments besides Sundays and after 6pm. No matter what time it is during the day if you call our practice or book online we will manage to fit you in. The reason why this is so important is because it prevents further damages to that particular and also surrounding teeth.

A common mistake we see day in day out is the non treatment or urgency in a cracked, broken or chipped tooth. This can cause significant pain, restoration work that may not need to be done if treated early and even on-going issues down the path.

It is crucial to fix all broken teeth immediately. So please call us today or book online and see how we can help you.

Broken Teeth
Broken Teeth
Chipped Tooth
Chipped Tooth

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