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Established in 1979 in Adelaide, South Australia, Adelaide Dentalcare has been at the forefront of all dental and emergency dental needs in Adelaide CBD. Our practice provides professional dental care with a reputation for excellence.

We aim to educate and direct as many families as possible toward optimal dental health. Ideally this process should begin at a young age and extend throughout adulthood. This ensures that your teeth will always look good and feel great. Adelaide Dentalcare has three experienced dentists, a hygienist and a support staff of seven. Ensuring you receive the best possible service from the moment you make contact with us.

In keeping with providing our patients the most advanced up to date dental service available. We invest in the latest technology to ensure results and satisfaction. Adelaide Dentalcare has an in-house digital OPG. This enables us to take x-rays here without having to send you elsewhere. 

While you are standing, your chin gently rests on a small shelf so your head is stable. Taking only 12 seconds, an OPG scanning machine will travel in a semi-circle motion around your face. This produces a full panoramic image of your mouth, teeth and bone structure. This detailed x-ray is used for treatment planning for gum disease, complicated restorative procedures, dental implants and removal of wisdom teeth.

  • Friendly Doctors
  • Comfortable Office
  • Laser Dentistry
  • Family Friendly
  • Convenient Location
  • Little to no Wait Time
  • Emergency Appointments
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Accessibility
  • Modern Equipment
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Digital 3D X-Ray

Total Dental Solutions In A Caring Environment.

At Adelaide Dentalcare, you will have access to all technologies and procedures that a modern dental practice can provide. Many of our patients enjoy enhanced dental health and well-being after both cosmetic and reconstructive services. If you are anxious, many treatments can be provided by way of IV sedation or “happy gas”. In some circumstances we will involve some of the best dental specialists in Adelaide to support us in providing a service that will meet your treatment expectations.

The Latest In Dental Technology

We continually strive to incorporate any new technology that can provide significant benefits to our patients. New dental technologies can improve the quality and efficiency of treatment. All of which allows you to enjoy less visits over a period of time.

Dentists Adelaide CBD

We have set times available for all emergency dental needs and same day appointments available. Book online or call us today for your appointment

Dentists Adelaide CBD
Dentists Adelaide CBD

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