Seniors Dentistry Adelaide

Located in the Adelaide CBD we are Adelaide’s choice for senior dentistry in Adelaide.

At Adelaide Dentalcare we pride ourselves on offering our dental services to all patients and all ages. Our range of services cover everything from preventative dentistry through to restoration and cosmetic. We believe a smile should last a lifetime and this is something that we take pride in. By fixing existing dental issues and ensuring a treatment plan is in place. We make sure that no matter your age, your oral health is as good as it can be.

A lot of patients we get that see us for senior dentistry often relate to cleaning and decay issues. As well as tooth pain from issues that have built up over the years. There is no question that dentistry has evolved over the years and we have seen a lot of cases where the dental work completed some 20-30 years ago are either wearing off or need to be fixed to prevent further damage or pain. As a result of this we have been seeing a lot of restorative dental work being completed as well as tooth removal and the application of dental implants, dentures and bridges.

Senior Dentistry Adelaide
Senior Dentistry Adelaide

No matter if you are after preventative, restoration or maintenance dental work you can’t go past Adelaide Dentalcare for all of your senior dentistry needs in Adelaide. Please explore our website to see how we can help you. Our team are all highly trained and can book you in for an appointment to see how we can help you.