Teeth Whitening Adelaide

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Teeth Whitening Adelaide

Are You Looking For Teeth Whitening Adelaide?

You have come to the right place! The team at Adelaide Dentalcare cater to all types and forms of teeth whitening including three options to choose from

Tooth whitening refers to the use of concentrated bleaching agents applied to the surface of a tooth to lighten the colour. A consultation prior to treatment is recommended to discuss your expectations and current lifestyle, assess your dental history and determine the degree of tooth discolouration.

Common reasons teeth may be discoloured:

  • Surface staining due to smoking
  • Certain lifestyle choices
  • Presence of plaque or generally poor oral hygiene
  • Medications such as antibiotics at a young age

There are three options for whitening treatment, commonly referred to as “take home”, “in-office” or "deep bleach".

  1. Take- home whitening procedures
  2. In-office whitening procedure
  3. Deep Bleach - An intensive bleach for teeth that are badly stained, or whether you are after guaranteed results

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums are an essential part of a great smile. For an appointment book online or call please call (08) 82125976

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Take Home Teeth Whitening


Moulds (impressions) of your upper and lower teeth are taken and used to make a plaster copy of your mouth.  A flexible fitted material is moulded onto the model to make your whitening trays. The bleaching gel is placed inside the trays and worn for a specified period of time. The use of the gel shows a noticeable change after some initial sessions, and will keep producing better results the longer it is used. After an average 14 day treatment, shorter sessions periodically will maintain the lighter colour.

In-office whitening procedure


A dental professional isolates your teeth from your lips and gums, and applies the bleaching agent onto the surface of each tooth. The gel used for this type of procedure is much stronger than the gel issued for the self-applied “take-home” system. Usually, a high intensity light is used to strengthen the bleaching properties of the gel. Initial results from the treatment are usually satisfying, however whitening treatments of any kind will often need to be followed up with periodical treatments to maintain the lighter colour. Regular dental examinations, hygiene visits and excellent home care will help ensure the continued prevention of surface staining and other dental problems.

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